About Us

We, the Dream Builders, are a project team composed of 4th and 5th graders. We learn about environmental issues, find problems, think of solutions, and take action.

Each member is responsible for project planning, management and execution, advertising, and design. They tackle hard situations with their unique personalities and skills.

Although we are still young students, we believe that our enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication will help us to play a role in addressing challenges on this planet.




Research / Presentation

We research the topic, then summarize our findings into an article using diagrams and photos to present our findings. We write in both English and Japanese to advocate our activities to more people.


Experiments / Workshops

We conduct experiments to gain awareness into specific aspects of global issues. We also organize workshops to share these experiences, helping children of the same age deeply understand them.


Fundraising Events / Donations

We actively contribute to solving problems by selling eco-friendly products designed with our logo and slogan.(“Small Steps, Big Impact.”) We donate the funds raised through our activities to support people.

私たちは、”Small Steps, Big Impact”というDream Buildersのスローガンとロゴをデザインしたエコ商品を販売し、活動を通じて集まった資金を寄付してこの問題の解決に積極的に貢献しています。